The database administration cuts across all other technologies. It is to define and optimize access to data managed within the server. This activity involves several tasks including: installation and updates of databases and related products, performance analysis and tuning, managing backups and incidents ... The database administration means for the DBA to have a significant technical expertise. With his vast experience, INFOR-Conseils intervene on the administration of your Oracle databases. To help you manage your Oracle database, INFOR-Conseils offers:

The training takes place in your company and can be tailored to your needs. We offer among others the following formations:
  • Introduction to Oracle;
  • SQL for Oracle;
  • Oracle PL / SQL;
  • Optimization of queries;
  • Oracle 8,8i,9i,10g/11g/12c Administration - Database Control;
  • Grid Control / Cloud Control;
  • Oracle Tuning.
The administration of your databases:
We can manage your databases visiting your site at regular intervals, or by the administration of your databases remotely from our offices.
The tuning of your databases:
You find that your databases are too slow, use too many resources or crash too often: INFOR-Conseils has the solution to your problems! Contact us, you will not be disappointed!